Discovering The Feminine Cycle

Welcome to Circle Blossom!

This is a site dedicated to women. It is a safe space for women to learn, explore and honor the authentic Feminine Essence and unique Sensual Wisdom.

Here you find secrets carefully chosen to learn about The Feminine Cycle. Learn how to become body-literate, develop a cycle awareness and  manage time efficiently to sustain the connection to your Inner Woman daily, in accordance to your potential phases.

Understanding our cyclic nature is a practical resource for development and achievement. It gives us the opportunity to create the work-life balance and the harmony we deserve in our life.

I believe in our inner knowledge intuition as cyclical beings. We know! and we deserve to RE-Embody our feminine power and potential!

I hope you enjoy the experience on the website and find yourself feeling inspired enough to share your knowledge or join us during our Circle Blossom Ceremonies.