Discovering Your Abilities

Discovering your abilities

The previous chapters introduced the four phases of the Woman Cycle and the potential of them.

Now it is time for you to discover your abilities for each phase.

I created The Tracker Cycle to help women know who they are and observe their own potentials to build success and confidence. You will need less than 5 minutes a day.

Start by doing a month calendar and place your menstruation time and all the phases around bases of 7 days each.

Menstruation Phase - Day 1 to 7 start from the first day of period.

Pre-Ovulation Phase - Day 8 to 14

Ovulation Phase - Day 15 to 21

Pre-Menstruation Phase - Day 22 to 28

It might be a different count for your cycle and you might be a bit confused on how to define where each phase starts. Just write your period time for now, it is okay! Once you will know your abilities and see them coming back each month you will be able to define the period of each phase more easily.

Please don’t forget to come back to me anytime,

if you have any questions!

Simply list all kind of emotions, feelings, mood that come to your mind on your calendar. Each day, cross the adjectives that match with what you are going through.

After one month you will observe that you are living different emotions at different moments of the month, they could be comfortable or uncomfortable. After three months, you will be capable to notice that a few abilities show up at the same moment of the months.

By reading carefully the chapter of the Four Phases and aligning your own experiences, you will be able to understand why you had all these comfortable and uncomfortable moments: they were in concordance with the fluctuations of your hormones and linked to your feelings, actions and emotions.

Here is an example of The Tracker Cycle you can use. It is absolutely a non-exhaustive list and you can track and check everything you want.


Please be gentle to yourself, this amazing technique is made for you to analyse your potential and optimise it. It is totally normal to have ups and downs during the month.

Remind yourself that a new project is always beneficial to be started during the Pre-Ovulation phase right after your period when you have all the energy to organise and motivate yourself to accomplish your goals.