Menstrual Cycle Blessing

Menstrual Cycle Blessing

Menstruation Cycle Awareness is the foundation of Soulful Womanhood and you’re going to use it everyday as a guide life to illuminate the essence of what it means to Be a Woman.

Learning about your Sacred Cycles helps you to take the right decisions, to follow your intuition and to nourish your feminine body with the proper seed at the right moment.

Tell me if it sounds familiar! Last week I went to my hula-hoop dance class, I had a blast and I couldn’t wait until the next one. Here we are, today, the next class! Today it is different. I am not feeling well, I have zero energy, I don’t want to go there and I feel guilty about missing my class. Why am I not as enthusiastic as I was last week? Why I do prefer staying at home instead of having fun with my friends and doing some great exercises? Why do I feel guilty about myself?

Let’s clear that up and understand!

Women are cyclical as all dynamics of life

Nature consists of a repeating pattern combined with periods of hibernation to resource and times of expansion and fertility to grow and share. Women follow the same dynamic of life as we are cyclical.

You might see that we receive and process information differently at different times in our cycles. Our abilities change throughout the month. It is simply because we are guided by the fluctuations of our hormone levels that modify our emotions, our energy, our sexuality, interactions with others…

By knowing the structure of our cycle and being aware of our potential for each phase of the month we can create the life harmony we want.

I always had a neutral relationship with my cycle and never really thought about it beyond the biological function. When I thought about the menstrual cycle, I had always focused on my bleeding time phase which I didn’t like as I was experiencing a lot of pain. I also wanted to be careful with my boyfriend during the ovulation time. Pretty much, that was all my concern about my cycle!

I was far away from knowing myself and my cycle. !


What they never told us at school!

Modern society presents the menstrual cycle as an inconvenience rather than an advantage. The well known knowledge is that we transit between 2 events a month: ovulation and menstruation. We forget to include these two moments in a global rotation sequence and don’t pay attention on what is happening around. We lose the capacity to perceive that our cycle is a constant flow of changes when we have been told to be the same person with the same abilities all the time.

Each month women go through four unique phases that bring different emotional and physical strengths connected to the hormone fluctuations in the body.

The entire duration of the Menstrual Cycle has been assumed to be 28 days as most of the women live that. It can be divided into four phases named: The Menstruation Phase; The Pre-Ovulation Phase, The Ovulation Phase and The Pre-Menstruation phase.

On each phase we experience specific abilities physically, mentally and emotionally.

By knowing our optimum aptitudes, we are able to organise our month consciously and reach our full potential. It is simply a better comprehension on how our body, brain and soul work to embrace the life.